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              2. Welcome to the official website of Taicang Lun you Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd. Professional super transparent cutting machine manufacturer!
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                LY-218 high speed slitting machine


                It is suitable for Europe, America, Japan and Korea (low noise and environmental protection) BOPP sealing tape / cellophane tape.


                1. four axis automatic exchange coiling, continuous winding, improve work efficiency.

                2. variable frequency stepless speed regulation, equipped with three counter, can automatically slow down and stop when running at high speed.

                3. the winding tension is controlled by pneumatic brake, the winding tension is controlled by double control, with the clutch and the reel shaft independent sliding device, and the tension can be adjusted freely.

                4., the configuration of the arc stretch roller can effectively extend the substrate.

                5. equipped with automatic labeling function, line type side winding rewinding function, tape low noise processing molding function.

                The main technical parameters of LY-211;


                Effective width 1.0M 1.3M 1.6M

                Maximum discharge diameter 800mm

                Minimum cut width 12mm

                Maximum reel diameter (3 "axis) 4 axis exchange 150mm

                Maximum reel diameter (3 "axis) 2 axis exchange 320mm

                Mechanical speed 0-180m/min

                Cutters 0.2 X 22 X60mm

                Whole machine power 5HP

                  We guarantee that in line with the "timely, professional, efficient, low price" service tenet, we sincerely repay users from all walks of life. We will create brilliant results with rigorous scientific management, excellent product quality, advanced technology and equipment, perfect after-sales service and sincere cooperation with all sectors of society!

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