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                Slitting machine
                Date of Issue 2014-11-14

                Slitting machine use: will strip slitting into several specifications required for the band

                Slitting machine base is made of steel and steel plates welded together, qualitative treatment;

                Fixed arch, 1; the moveable torii, 1; steel welded, aging treatment, boring machine and precision machining;

                The moveable torii manually move; slide material: QT600; cutter shaft lifting wheel worm gear synchronous lifting handwheel, manual fine tuning, lifting the round-trip accuracy of not less than 0.03mm;

                The knife shaft: diameter 120mm (H7), knife shaft length: 650mm, key 16mm wide; material 40Cr forged, Quenched and tempered HB240 ~ 260, roughing and intermediate frequency processing, grinding, hard chromium plating, and polishing; cutter shaft runout is less than 0.02mm, the shaft shoulder runout is less than 0.01mm. (cutter shaft specifications according to the type, size)

                Slitting machine cutter shaft to rotate by a universal coupling (2), synchronous gear box, powered by a AC15KW variable speed drive (matching motor power). Synchronous gear box: plate welding, after qualitative and quantitative processing, precision machining of bearing hole boring machine, gear using 40Cr forged, Quenched and tempered HB247 - 278, HRC38 - 45 quenching.

                The knife
                shaft locking nut locks: tool rotating nut, about 1 each;

                The blade of the machine diameter: 240mm diameter (knife shaft, the actual size).

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