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                Rewinding machine
                Date of Issue 2014-11-14

                     Rewinding machine, is special equipment for the paper, which is used to the production of paper machine out of paper roll (known as paper reel) are sequentially rewinding, the paper after after rewinding paper product factory made. At present, the rewinding machine for AC drive instead of DC transmission has become the development trend in the rewinding machine industry. From the rolls of paper machine roll to roll more loose, there may be damage or breakage of internal, on both sides of the edge is not neat, web width and many cannot be directly used in paper processing or printing machines, the majority of paper (such as news paper, letterpress printing paper, packaging paper) must pass through the rewinder trimming, cutting, joint, in the toilet roll core rewinding a certain specification, certain tightness requirements of finished goods to the factory. The rewinding process mainly accomplishes three tasks: one, removal of base paper burrs; second, will the original cut into several conforms to user specifications width; third, control the finished scroll roll diameter, to meet the factory specifications

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